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Recognitions & Appreciation

Leader Appreciation

Appreciate Your Troop Leader By...

Encouraging Emails
Send your volunteers a heartfelt email thanking them for all they do during the year. Don’t forget to attach a photo of a fun memory from this troop year.


Snail Mail
Everyone loves getting a handwritten note in the mail. Early in the week, write a fun letter to your volunteers and mail them using the good old-fashioned mailbox. Be sure to use some colorful pens and stickers to jazz it up!


Text of Appreciation
One day during the week, send your volunteer a happy text. Feel free to add in your favorite emojis to summarize your appreciation. I mean, a smiley face with jazz hands?! Who wouldn’t love that?


Share the Love
Post a tribute, picture collage or even a video about how much you appreciate your volunteer on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so they are bombarded with love! Be sure to tag @GirlScoutsATL so we can repost!


Say Hello with Video
Video chat with your volunteer or leave a sweet message, if they don’t answer. You can even suggest a virtual hangout over coffee or baked goods! They’ll love to see your face and be connected


Send a digital group thank-you via Kudobard! Each troop member can share a message, photo or video on your volunteer’s thank-you board. Kudoboard has been officially licensed for a limited time by Girl Scouts of the USA. Use promo code girlscouts2020 to unlock discounts and unique Girl Scout backgrounds.

Adult Awards and Nomination Deadlines

Adult Awards

Who do you know who has gone above and beyond as a volunteer?

Who truly shows what it means to be a Girl Scout?

Who makes a difference in the lives of girls, makes volunteering easier for adults, and makes the Girl Scout Movement shine?

Show them how much they mean by nominating them for an Adult Award.

  • Anyone can nominate – girls, adults, volunteers, community members
  • Anyone can be nominated – any friend to Girl Scouts can be recognized!


Nomination deadlines are:

  • January 15 for spring presentations
  • October 15 for fall presentations

Learn more about adult awards

Request a Numeral Guard