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Barbara Welch, August's Volunteer of the Month
Barbara Welch, August's Volunteer of the Month


We are proud to highlight Barbara Welch as August's Volunteer of the Month.

Colleen Gerrior had the following to say about Barbara:

Barbara Welch has been the Service Unit Director since 2010 for Duluth! This was her second go-round with Duluth Service Unit, having been the SUD during the 90's while her daughter was in Girl Scouts. She loves doing cookies and serves as the Area Cookie Coordinator and Service Unit Cookie Chair! With Barbara’s help, the service unit cookie participation is always at 100%!

Mrs. Welch also executes awesome well-attended monthly service unit meetings. Each month she provides some type of "Getting to Know You" exercise as well as a Girl Scout learning moment, mini-training, or guests. This consistently gives the leaders tidbits they can use in their personal lives and share with their troops!

Barbara cares deeply for all her volunteers. She offers her volunteers support, an ear to listen, a shoulder on which to lean on, and recognizes their time and efforts. She does all of this while holding down a full-time career, and a part-time job!

We would like to thank Barbara for all of her contributions to the Girl Scout Movement!