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Cori Hembree, October's Volunteer of the Month
Cori Hembree, October's Volunteer of the Month


We are proud to highlight Cori Hembree as October's Volunteer of the Month.

Cori is part of the Red Bud Service Unit! Amy Berry had the following to say about her:

Cori has been a tremendously valuable leader for Girl Scouts for many years, but in the past month, she has dedicated more time to GS than most people dedicate to their jobs. Cori oversaw the planning and facilitation of an Family Outdoor Day that thanked current GS families and served as a recruitment event that registered 15 girls (in 2 hours). During this event, she also used her did archery with our current scouts (which was a huge crowd pleader). She also organized 2 elementary school Meet & Greets, 3 Troop Org Meetings, held 2 SU Leadership team meetings, and served as TDC placing girls in troops. This is all in addition to leading her own troop of 10th graders. To say that she has gone above and beyond is an understatement and RedBud SU would not be able to do such wonderful activities without her leadership.

We would like to thank Cori for all of her contributions to the Girl Scout Movement!