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Recognitions & Appreciation

Jennifer Flannery, June's Volunteer of the Month
Jennifer Flannery, June's Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month

We are proud to highlight Jennifer Flannery as June's Volunteer of the Month.

Jennifer Flannery is co-leader of Troop # 14655 in Cherokee County. Her troop recently participated in the SMORE Patch program and learned about Sharing Moments of Recognition Everyday. As part of this program they overwhelmingly wanted to nominate her as Volunteer of the Month and we were so impressed with their observations that we wanted to send the nomination in solely from their viewpoint. During the discussion the girls first discussed different types of volunteers, what volunteers do, ways they could show volunteers their appreciation, etc. Here's what Troop #14655 had to say about her:

“She plans all the badges. She helps us plan everything.”
“She helps us achieve our goals.”
“She hosts different events.”
“She is like a mom to us”, followed by "She is my mom!"
“She helps us be prepared for whatever we want to do.”
“She helps us learn new things.”
“She is a problem solver and helps us solve problems.”
“She is a hard worker.”
“She is fair.”
“She makes it fun.”

We would like to thank Jennifer for all of her contributions to the Girl Scout Movement!

Leader Appreciation

Appreciate Your Troop Leader By...

Encouraging Emails
Send your volunteers a heartfelt email thanking them for all they do for the girls during the year. Don’t forget to attach some wacky pictures of you two!


Snail Mail
Everyone loves getting a handwritten note in the mail. Early in the week, write a fun letter to your volunteers and mail them using the good old fashioned mailbox. Be sure to use some colorful pens and stickers to jazz it up!


Emoji Excitement
One day during the week, send your volunteer a happy text. Feel free to add in your favorite emojis to summarize your appreciation. I mean, a smiley face with jazz hands?! Who wouldn’t love that?


Tag, You’re it!
Post a cute picture or pic collage to social media. Hit up all the best sites (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) so your volunteer is bombarded with love! Be sure to tag @GirlScoutsATL so we can repost!


Sing Like a Canary
Leave a sweet voicemail for your volunteer. Maybe create your own rendition of “for (s)he’s a jolly good fellow!” 


But First, Coffee!
Invite your special volunteer out for a quick coffee break. Or, if schedules are tight, buy her favorite frappe-cappa-mocha-whatever and drop it by her house or office.


Sweet Little Something
Bake some cookies or cupcakes and bring them to your volunteer. If you have a troop meeting this week, you might want to double the batch...Girl Scouts love cookies!


Welcome Home!
Nothing brings a smile to your face after a long day than a colorful balloon tied to your mailbox. Spread cheer by tying a balloon in your volunteer’s favorite color to her mailbox while she’s away.


And a Five, Six, Seven, Eight...
If you have a troop meeting this week, ask your girls to perform a sweet poem, song, or dance for your leader. What about a little “make new friends, but keep the old” ended with a big “thank you!!”


Design an eCard
Celebrate your favorite Girl Scout volunteers by sending them a personalized eCard.



Earn your SMORE Patch (Sharing Moments Of Recognition Everyday) by completing the Discover, Connect, Take Action steps and present at your troop meeting.

S'More Patch Brochure for Daisies and Brownies
S'More Patch Brochure for Juniors and Cadettes
S'More Patch Brochure for Seniors and Ambassadors

Adult Awards

Adult Awards

Who do you know who has gone above and beyond as a volunteer?

Who truly shows what it means to be a Girl Scout?

Who makes a difference in the lives of girls, makes volunteering easier for adults, and makes the Girl Scout Movement shine?

Show them how much they mean by nominating them for an Adult Award.

  • Anyone can nominate – girls, adults, volunteers, community members
  • Anyone can be nominated – any friend to Girl Scouts can be recognized!

Nomination Deadlines

Nomination deadlines are:

  • February 15 for spring presentations
  • August 15 for fall presentations

Learn more about adult awards

Request a Numeral Guard