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Volunteer with Girl Scouts!

Be a Girl Scout volunteer.

You can help girls become their best selves.

As a Girl Scout volunteer, you can give girls opportunities to have fun, meet friends and make a difference in their communities and in the world.

When you become a volunteer, you’ll immediately start to feel and see the impact you can have on the lives of girls. You’ll be with them as they experience new adventures and learn new skills. You’ll watch their confidence soar. You’ll experience the joy of creating a more fair, equal, and compassionate world where every girl has a seat at the table.

After a year like no other, you can truly be a part of a new beginning for girls. You can help girls press play with Girl Scouts.

You’ll help her reach her potential while achieving your own.

You can grow by being a Girl Scout volunteer:

  • Experience the confidence that comes with being a role model.
  • Discover your leadership style as your girls discover theirs.
  • Meet new people, make friends in your community and expand your professional network.
  • Build new skills and have fun during the activities with your girls.

Girls are ready to go, and they can’t do it without you! Sign up to become a Girl Scout volunteer today.


Can parents and adults volunteer?

Absolutely! Girls always need guides and mentors to help them develop into successful adults. Whether you’re a recent college grad, a parent, a retiree, or anyone with a sense of curiosity and adventure, your unique skills and experience are what make Girl Scouting a powerful leadership experience for girls.

What will I do as a Girl Scout volunteer?

A volunteer serves as a partner and role model for girls. Whether you volunteer at meetings, go on field trips, or become a troop leader, the time you devote will help inspire today’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders. Get inspired by volunteer stories!

When can I join as a volunteer?

Any day is a good day to volunteer with Girl Scouts. We’re always looking for qualified volunteers to help, whether it’s during the school year, over summer break, or any time in between. In fact, today is the perfect day to get started!

Is there a way to volunteer “sometimes”?

Yes! There are many opportunities available for one-time, corporate or group volunteers. Be sure to also check out our short-term volunteer opportunities.

Is there a screening process?

Yes. To ensure the safety and well-being of our girl members, all volunteers are required to complete a background check prior to becoming involved. All information you provide will be strictly confidential.

What about safety?

Safety is a top priority for Girl Scouts. All activities are supervised, and we provide our volunteers with top-notch training and program resources. We also follow comprehensive safety guidelines tailored to individual activities and girls' ages.

Financial Assistance & Aid

Use the Adult Membership Financial Assistance form to request membership payments from the Medicaid insurers listed below, council provided assistance or to pay with cash, or check.

CareSource Members

Please use the forms listed above to process membership as one of the partnering Medicaid members.

CareSource Members
CareSource now offers $25 GS membership fee (adults and girls), plus a $15 voucher to the Girl Scout Badge & Sash store, K-12th grade.

For questions, call 800.771.1139.

Lifetime Membership

Our lifetime members are a cherished part of our family. By registering as a lifetime member you will be supporting the Lifetime Membership Endowment Fund, to strengthen the Girl Scout Program on a national level. As a lifetime member you will receive:

  • A lifetime membership certificate signed by the Chair of the National Board of Directors
  • A lifetime membership card
  • Information on how you can purchase a lifetime membership pin
  • A lifelong connection with a mission-focused, values-driven organization that helps girls develop into happy and resourceful citizens

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