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Treats & Keeps Program

When a Girl Scout has a Treats & Keeps business, she’s building a lifetime of skills and confidence. She also learns goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics – aspects essential to leadership, success, and life.

By putting her mind and energy to something, a Girl Scout can overcome any challenge. She can be anything and do anything!

What Girls Learn Through Their Girl-Led Business

Our Treats & Keeps Program is on a mission: to help girls learn five skills that are essential to leadership, to success, and to life.


Skill #1—Goal Setting
"I know I can do it!"

"We're all about trying new things and having fun. Selling Treats & Keeps is about both. My friends and I work together to set our team goal for the season; maybe we'll donate to our local animal hospital or go on an adventure."


Skill #2—Decision Making
"I make smarter decisions."

“When I sell Treats & Keeps with my Girl Scout forever friends, we make our own decisions, like how many items we want to sell. We all have to agree on what we'll do with the money, which means talking it out and being okay not getting our way sometimes. And we have to figure out how to solve problems, like what to do when one of the girls is sick and can't help out. Our decisions matter.”


Skill #3—Money Management
"I make change happen!"

“It's cool that I get to make change when someone buys Treats & Keeps products. I'm really careful about it. I count it out twice, so I know it's totally right. And I know each item sold gets us one step closer to our goal.”


Skill #4—People Skills
"I get a lifetime supply of confidence."

“I've met so many new people! I've gotten really good at chatting with them about how we are doing more than just selling Treats & Keeps. We’re earning money to achieve our goals and do great things.”


Skill #5—Business Ethics
"Selling Treats & Keeps is more than just business."

"I was selling Treats & Keeps and I made my friend's mom laugh really hard. She totally forgot her change. I made sure she got it back. She was so impressed she bought another box of chocolates. Now I'm even closer to reaching my goal for robotics camp."

The 2017 Treats & Keeps Program was a great success.

Congratulations to every Girl Scout who ran her own Treats & Keeps business and thank you to every customer who supported her.


104,094 chocolate & nut items were sold


11,014 magazine and photo keepsake items were sold


5,731 Girl Scouts participated


$135+ Thousand was earned by troops


4,635 nut items were donated to Smiles4Military

Craving a chocolate and nut treat?

The next Treats & Keeps season will begin Fall 2018, so hold tight!

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