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K-5th Grade Younger Girl Program

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Now that you are in Girl Scouts, what can you do? Read to learn more about what you can do as a Daisy (K-1), Brownie (2-3) or Junior (4-5)!

K-5 Connection: Newsletter

A monthly newsletter brought to you by Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta K-5 Program Team which includes exciting in-person and virtual event opportunities, a fun recipe, and more.

Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy

Girl Scouts believe all girls should be able to envision a future where they are financially independent and empowered. Along with Outdoors, STEM and Life Skills, Entrepreneurship is one of the four program pillars of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Through the Entrepreneurship program, girls will focus on the five skills that will build them up to be our women business leaders of tomorrow:

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  • Goal Setting

  • Decision Making

  • Money Management

  • People Skills

  • Business Ethics

More than 50 awards and badges ensure girls from Kindergarten to High School are building their passion and skills as entrepreneurs. In addition, 25 of the badges form a Financial Literacy focused badge track within the Entrepreneurship badge family. You can learn about all the badges and awards available to girls using the Award and Badge Explorer. Search by age and by the topics of Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy to locate badges and awards she can earn!

Girls also annually participate in the Girl Scout Cookie program, Treats & Keeps program, and other Council events including Cookie Rally, Cookie University, and special badge earning workshops.

Our Girl Scout Entrepreneurship program progression shows how girls progress from Money Manager, learning basics of money management, all the way to a girl prepared with the skills, knowledge and attitude to be an innovator and an entrepreneur!

Interested in learning more about Girl Scout’s research on girls and entrepreneurship? Read “Today’s Girls, Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

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Adopt a Horse
Your troop can show your love for our Girl Scout horses by symbolically adopting a horse to help cover the cost of their food, grooming supplies, veterinary visits, and more. Plus, your troop will receive an official adoption certificate and an exclusive Adopt A Horse patch for your vest or sash!

Pave the Way for future Girl Scouts by purchasing an engraved brick. Your personalized brick will be placed in the courtyard of the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Headquarters to commemorate your Girl Scout journey, while your donation will go to the Annual Fund and will benefit future Girl Scouts for generations to come.


Troop Leader Resources:

Are you a troop leader or parent looking for something for extra for your Daisy to do? See below for extra resources: