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Gold Award Girl Scouts

Issues of the world, meet your match.

Gold Award Girl Scouts

Gold Award Girl Scouts are the dreamers and the doers who take “make the world a better place” to the next level. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the mark of the truly remarkable.

Seniors and Ambassadors who earn the Gold Award tackle issues they are passionate about and drive lasting change in their communities and beyond.

Meet the 2022 Council Women of Distinction

Who can earn the Gold Award?
To earn the Gold Award, a girl must:
  • Be in ninth through twelfth grade
  • Be a registered Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador
  • Have completed EITHER the Silver Award and one Senior or Ambassador Journey OR two Senior or Ambassador Journeys.
How to Get Started:
  1. Attend a From Good to Gold Workshop. This workshop is just for girls and will go over everything girls need to know to earn the Gold Award.
  2. Fill out the Notice of Intent. This lets us know that you are ready to start on your Gold Award. You’ll hear back from us within two weeks of submission to get connected with a coach.
  3. Work with your coach to fill out your Gold Award proposal (do not start working on this until you are paired with a coach)
  4. Interview with two Gold Award volunteers after your proposal is done.
  5. Implement your project.
  6. Fill out a final report and submit it to GSGATL (you must have an approved proposal and interview agreement on file)
  7. Share your story with others and check out what's next for Girl Scouts!
My Girl Wants to be a Gold Award Girl Scout

You Can Help Your Girl Become a Gold Award Girl Scout!


Your girl isn’t just a dreamer, she’s a doer—the one who takes “make the world a better place” to the next level. And now it’s time for her to take action and become a Gold Award Girl Scout.

Who is a Gold Award Girl Scout, though? She’s driven, passionate, and optimistic. She’s the leader of tomorrow today. She’s an ideal candidate for colleges, scholarships, and exciting career paths. Essentially? She’s your girl!

So get ready to support her as she earns the Girl Scout Gold Award, the most highly regarded award in the world for girls. It’s the mark of the truly remarkable—proof that not only can she make a difference, but that she already has. It’s a distinction that sets her apart from the pack and lets the world see the power and possibility you’ve always seen in her.

Going Gold Pays Off

A Gold Award Girl Scout’s achievements prime her for the fast track when it comes to college admissions, and make her an outstanding candidate for academic scholarships and other financial awards. Your girl’s future has never looked brighter.

How Can She Earn the Girl Scout Gold Award?

To earn this unique award, Seniors and Ambassadors tackle issues dear to them and drive lasting change in their communities and beyond. Your local Girl Scout council will have more details and can walk you through the steps to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award.


Scholarships for Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts USA has searched the country to find scholarships that are JUST for Girl Scouts OR where Girl Scouts will have a leg-up on the completion.

Girls who earn the Gold Award can also apply for our Council’s Gold Award Scholarship! Girls MUST:

  • Be a registered Girl Scout with Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta who has earned the Girl Scout Gold Award.
  • Be a high school twelfth grader intending to enter a qualified institution of learning after graduation.
  • Note: Girls MUST earn the award by September 30 of their senior year.
  • The application opens on 10/1. Girls who qualify will be invited via email.


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I want to be a Gold Award Volunteer

Be a Gold Award Coach!

Gold Award Volunteers have the passion and promise to encourage girls to develop their Gold Award ideas. They support girls as they pursue Girl Scouts highest award! Volunteers commit to girls in a few different ways:

Gold Award Coach: High School girls are new to project management, help her to create a solid proposal, thinking through all the details, so her project is successful. Be inspired by her creativity in tackling the issues of the world—THEN help her to write-it-up at the end to share her success and how’s she’s been the SPARK!

Initiating communication with her to build the foundation of your relationship and set expectations.

Connecting with her regularly by phone or in person to develop a quality project and supporting her project by attending scheduled work days, as necessary

Helping her find her unique voice, celebrating her ideas and identifying ways to turn her good idea(s) into GOLD Award projects, using the rubric to ensure she is meeting the minimum Gold Award standards.

Supporting her through review of project proposal and final report Reviewing flyers, posters, letters, and donations to ensure money management and safety guidelines are followed.

Encouraging the development of leadership, organizational, and planning skills, through development of quality timelines, budget, project proposal, and final report.

Guiding her through her project, ensuring at each step that she is putting her best work forward when she submits final materials to GSGATL.

Gold Award Interviewer: Interviewers enjoy working with girls, but with less of a commitment. They join us when available for monthly interviews. The interviewers review and score the project proposal document, providing feedback to girls to help highlight the project strengths.

Gold Award Reviewer: Reviewers are looking to support in a hands-off approach. They help us to review proposals and final reports, to offer feedback and make sure girls are achieving the Gold Standard. Time commitment is flexible, because you work around your own schedule.

Start volunteering by contacting