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Take Action & High Awards

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Take Action

Are you ready to take community service to the next level? Whether you are working on a Journey with your troop or earning a High Award, get ready to Take Action!

What’s the difference between a community service project and a Take Action project?

Community Service

A community service project makes the world a better place right now. These are short term projects that help the community, like volunteering at a homeless shelter or organizing a canned food drive. A lot of community service projects take place over one day. Check out some of the national leadership awards and Community Service Bars you can earn with Girl Scouts.

Take Action

A Take Action project goes to the next level. By doing some research, you can find the root cause of an issue and come up with a sustainable solution. This means that your solution will keep on making an impact, like when Troop 13580 built a Little Food Pantry in Sandy Springs so people would always have access to food outside of normal food pantry hours, or when Catherine set up a program to let girls in long-term care hospitals participate in Girl Scouts.

What Kind of Project Should I Do?

That depends on what your goal is—if you see something that your community needs right now, like a park clean-up, a book drive, or better safety equipment for the local playground, and you want to take care of it, then you are looking at a community service project. Make sure you take a look at the Community Service Bars you can earn with your project!

If you aren’t working on something the community needs right now and you have a little more time or if you are working on the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award, you should focus on Take Action projects. This means that you’ve researched the root cause of the issue, educated your community, and that your project will continue to have an impact after you are done with it. The big questions to ask if you’re deciding if the project is a Take Action project are:

  1. What is the root cause?
    The root cause is the main reason the issue exists. We can find this by asking why the issue is there until we can’t anymore. A lot of the time, the root cause is a lack of awareness or a lack of resources.
  2. What will people learn from the project?
    In a Take Action project, people will know more about your issue after your project than they did before.
  3. How will the project keep making a difference after I’m done working on it?
    Make sure that even after you are done working on your project, it will continue benefiting the community.

Want to learn more? Check out GSUSA’s overview.

High Awards

Bronze. Silver. Gold. These represent the highest honors a Girl Scout can earn.

All three awards give you the chance to do big things while working on an issue you care about. Whether you want to plant a community garden at your school and inspire others to eat healthily for your Bronze, advocate for animal rights for your Silver, or build a career network that encourages girls to become scientists and engineers for your Gold, you’ll inspire others (and yourself). 

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Also a given: as you earn one of Girl Scouting’s highest awards, you’ll change your corner of the world—and maybe even beyond. The possibilities are endless.

Want to see what others have done to earn their award? For inspiration, check out examples of Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award projects via Girl Scouts of the USA’s Map It: Girls Changing the World.


GSGATL Council Young Women of Distinction

Council Young Women of Distinction is an awards program honoring Girl Scouts who achieve excellence in community leadership by living out the Girl Scout Promise and Law as they take action to make the world a better place. Every Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award honoree from Greater Atlanta who follows the current national award guidelines and the appropriate paperwork submission process is eligible during the year in which she earns the award.

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