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New Leaders

Welcome to the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta and thank you for being an important part of a preeminent leadership development organization for girls worldwide. You are part of a sisterhood who believes in the power of every girl to change the world.

By becoming a troop leader, you are preparing young girls to overcome challenges, have successful academic careers, and to become engaged members of their communities.

We're 2.5 million strong - more than 1.7 million girls and 750,000 adults. Girl Scouts leadership impact can be seen in our impressive alumnae:
o 100% female Secretaries of State
o 76% female US Senators
o 80% of the female technology executives
o 50% of women business owners

No special skills are needed by you to become a troop leader other than passion and a belief that Girls Scouts can make a difference in the lives of girls and the world.

Getting Started

Complete Girl Scout membership registration ($25 annual dues, financial assistance available


View the on-line welcome video and answer the five-question survey (Last step in the online registration process).


Complete background check through a link from Verified Volunteer
 - Didn’t receive the link? Let us know


Receive Troop Number (Requires at least two approved Adults and four registered Girls).


Connect & meet with co-leader(s). Review “Top 20 Questions to Ask Your Co-Leader.”

Complete Prior to Troop Parent/Caregiver Introduction Meeting

New Leader Certification


On Demand Online Courses — Complete online four course program through gsLearn at After completing the first four courses, attend a live Zoom meeting (time varies by course).


In-person New Leader Orientation — Hands-on interactive learning on how to have a successful troop year, connect with other new leaders, receive tools to use for working with your girls, and participate in an Investiture Ceremony to be pinned as an official Girl Scout Member. Offered in the Greater Atlanta Area (4-5 Hours)
Find Trainings Here

Getting Your Troop Started

Identify your meeting dates, times, and location with co-leader.


In the Volunteer Toolkit—update meeting location, dates, and times, and set up year plan.


Host your first parent/caregiver Introduction Meeting (1— 1.5 hours) Outline in Volunteer Toolkit:

Establish how you will communicate with parents (email, text, VTK sample emails etc.).
Build your support team and encourage parents to register with Girl Scouts.
Discuss troop finances, troop dues, & Girl Scout Annual Fund (suggested minimum of $25 per family).


Open troop bank account with two designated signers. After completing this form, you will receive the letter the bank needs to open the account.


Hold your first troop meeting with girls- using meeting plan in Volunteer Toolkit.


Attend the local Service Unit meeting (usually held once a month). This is a group of local volunteers in your area. Need to be connected with your Service Unit? Email


Attend Treats and Keeps training, if troop started before September 1. This is a money earning program where girls sell chocolates and nuts, and it is a great way to earn money when your troop first starts.


Attend Service Unit Cookie training—November/December. At this training, you will learn all you need to know about how to help you girls have a great first Girl Scout Cookie Season.


New Leader Resources