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Our History

Juliette Gordon Low had a dream.

In March 1912, when she brought that first group of girls together in Savannah, Georgia, she wanted them to explore new possibilities and the wonders of the world around them—and she wanted them to do it together.

Along with Juliette Gordon Low, also known as “Daisy,” these first Girl Scouts blazed trails and redefined what was possible for themselves and for girls everywhere. They played basketball. They hiked, swam, and camped. They learned to tell time by the stars. And most importantly, they shared a sense of adventure and a belief that they could do anything. And just like Girl Scouts do across the country and around the globe today, they offered a helping hand to those in need and worked together to improve their corner of the world.

Since the founding of the Girl Scout Movement more than a century ago, Daisy's small circle of girls has grown to include nearly 2 million girl members and more than 50 million Girl Scout alums—united across the decades by a spirit of lifelong friendship and shared adventure and the desire to do big things to make the world a better place.

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“Truly, ours is a circle of friendships, united by our ideals.” 
 Juliette Gordon Low 


History/Images of Camp Timber Ridge

Camp Timber Ridge

2014 marks the 90th birthday of Camp Timber Ridge in Mableton, GA! In October of 1924, the Civitan Club of Atlanta deeded 39.5 acres of land in Mableton, 12 miles west of today’s Metro Atlanta, to the Girl Scouts of Atlanta and then in November of that same year an elaborate opening ceremony was held. The establishment of the camp was largely due to the help of Mrs. Albert Thornton, who gifted $1,000 (big money back then!) for a central dining hall and recreation hall to be built on the property. The first camping season was in the summer of 1925 between June 22 and August 8 and the original buildings on the site included the office, infirmary, nature hut, art hut, rest hut, and of course, the tents!

Circa 1920s Thornton Hall, named for Mrs. Albert Thornton

Camp Civitania was renamed Timber Ridge in 1953 and then in 1971 the Timber Ridge Environmental Center was born. The Timber Ridge Environmental Center, known as TREC, was made up of 30 acres of wooded land, designed to teach about the history of the land as well as its use and to demonstrate natural forces at work.

Camp Civitania 1936

Camp Timber Ridge has grown over the years and now consists of over 220 acres of wooded land (both hardwood and pine forests), natural streams and even a bamboo forest! During the summer, girls can choose between day camps or sleepaway camps, platform tents or cabins. Troops can also reserve a campsite at any time during the year for a troop bonding weekend!

Today, Camp Timber Ridge remains one of the largest girls’ camps in the South still in operation!

Camp Timber Ridge 1969

Travel down memory lane - History/Archives Committee

Our History/Archives Committee includes Girl Scout Adults, Ambassadors and, Seniors who love Girl Scout history and want to preserve it. As curators of our artifacts, they present nostalgic and educational items on display at the Mableton Service Center. They meet every third Sunday from 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. at the Mableton Service Center.

More Information

For more information about the History/Archives Committee, please contact Sue Belden at 770.926.4722 or e-mail Sue at​​

The volunteers of the History/Archives Committee are committed to preserving over 100 years of Girl Scout history including the more than 95 years of our council's history. They are the curators of a wonderful collection of uniforms, handbooks, camping items, and much more that are used for displays, girl programming, tours, presentations to groups and troops, and research. Most of our collection has been donated to us.

Membership in the committee is for anyone who has a love of Girl Scouting and wants to share its history. There are no dues. Monthly meetings are held at the Mableton Service Center on the 3rd Sunday of each month (except December) from 1:30-3:30.

For more information about joining or making a donation of Girl Scout items, please contact the council or

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