When you just can't wait for what you'll do next!

Girls are always planning their next adventure together and there are so many ways to have fun! Maybe it’s artistic. Maybe it’s an experiment. Maybe it’s helping the community. Explore the possibilities and make a bunch of new friends along the way.

Be the role model she’ll always remember. Check out ways to volunteer.

So what are you waiting for?

Lifetime Membership

Our lifetime members are a cherished part of our family. By registering as a lifetime member you will be supporting the Lifetime Membership Endowment Fund, to strengthen the Girl Scout Program on a national level. As a lifetime member you will receive:

  • A lifetime membership certificate signed by the Chair of the National Board of Directors
  • A lifetime membership card
  • Information on how you can purchase a lifetime membership pin
  • A lifelong connection with a mission-focused, values-driven organization that helps girls develop into happy and resourceful citizens

The lifetime membership dues are $375. A special lifetime membership, at the reduced cost of $195.00 is offered to girls who are registered Girl Scouts 14-17 at the time of their high school graduation.