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For Cookie Volunteers

Cookie Program at a Glance | Key Dates | Troop Proceeds | Troop Rewards | Daisies Can Cookie | Contests & Events

As a Girl Scout Cookie Program volunteer, you have the awesome opportunity to introduce girls to new experiences and help them unleash their inner G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) ™ to take the lead and change the world.

You will help girls discover their inner-entrepreneur, connect them and their parents to resources that make participating in the Cookie Program FUN and easy, while taking action to ensure that all girls in the troop learn how to set goals to “stretch” themselves, think outside of the cookie box and BE BOLD!

Cookie Program at a Glance

1. Registration
Make sure your troop is registered for the 2018-2019 Girl Scout membership year with at least two registered and approved co-leaders.

2. Recruit a Troop Cookie Manager to sign up for the role of Troop Product Program Chair—Cookies in MyGS and sign their Troop Cookie Manager Position Description.

3. Attend Training (October -December)
Attend Cookie Training in-person with your Service Unit Cookie Manager and/or online via the Cookie VIP site.

4. Attend a Service Unit Cookie Rally with your troop

5. Cookie Program Prep (November-December) Before January 1, 2019 host your girl/parent meeting to introduce the program. Be sure to get signed Parent Permission Forms when distributing Girl Order Cards. This is a great time to recruit help from parents.

*Have a signer on the Troop’s bank account complete the Electronic Payment Authorization Form

6. Support Your Troop during Initial Order Period
Encourage girls to start taking orders the first day—January 1. Girls can begin selling using their Girl Order Card and Digital Cookie.

Enter and submit all girl initial cookie orders and rewards selections and cookies for your troop’s first two Cookie Booths by 11:59 p.m. on January 27. Select your Count N Go pick-up location for initial order cookies and rewards.

7. Support Your Troop During Cookie Booth Season
Map out locations for Cookie Booths and get permission from your chosen locations— use your Cookie Booth Permission Forms. Remember to check with your Service Unit Cookie Manager, they may have already established relationships for booths in the area.

  • Schedule Cookie Booths for your Troop. Enter your troop’s scheduled booths (non-council sponsored) in eBudde to be uploaded to the Cookie Finder.
  • Re-order additional cookies as needed by the case from your local cookie cupboard.

8. Wrapping Up Your Program

  • Deposit collected money into the troop’s account early & often to avoid lost or stolen funds.
  • Allocate ALL cookies and SUBMIT the troop’s final rewards order in eBudde by 11:59 p.m. on March 18.
  • Distribute rewards to girls who have paid in full.
  • Celebrate your troop’s hard work!
Key Program Dates

January 1: Girls begin taking orders using their Girl Order Card and sending emails using Digital Cookie.


January 11: Preview GSGATL Cookie Booths being offered this season. Log into eBudde to get a sneak peak at the booth opportunities available for signup from council.


January 19: eBudde signups for GSGATL Cookie Booths begin.


January TBD: Girl orders are due to the Troop Cookie Manager (TCM)


January 27: Troop Initial Order eBudde deadline (11:59 p.m.)


January 28: Keep girls motivated to meet their individual goal and the troop goal!


February 1: Last day to submit the Electronic Payment Authorization Form


February 16 – 17: Count N Go - Initial Cookie Order and Rewards Pick-up


February 18: Cookie Booths Begin


February 21: Cookie Cupboards Open


February 22 – 24: National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend


March 8: Girl Delivery is no longer available in Digital Cookie


March 11: 1st electronic payment withdrawal


March 15: Digital Cookie closes for all orders


March 16: All cookie cupboard locations close


March 18: Last day for troops to update girl reward selection in eBudde (by 11:59 p.m.)


March 29: Final electronic payment withdrawal for remaining balance due GSGATL.


April 7: Smiles4Military Recognition/Send-off Event


Week of April 15: Final rewards delivery begins to Service Units


April 30: Cookie Booths end - no more sales to the public


May 6: Last day for TCMs to notify Service Unit Cookie Manager of missing rewards


June 1: Cookie CEO movie premiere event


June 6-9: Universal Studios Trip

Troop Proceeds

Now more troops can now earn more proceeds!

Troops will now earn proceeds based on their troop Per Girl-selling Average (PGA).

PGA $ Per Box (Core) $ Per Box (Specialty)
1 to 199 $ 0.60 $ 0.70
200+ $ 0.70 $ 0.80
300+ $ 0.75 $ 0.85


How do you calculate your PGA?
Take the total number of boxes sold by the troop divided by the number of girls selling (with orders in eBudde). Girl members that do not participate in the Cookie Program do not impact the troop’s PGA.

Girl Scout Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Troops ONLY can opt out of individual girl rewards (and still receive participation patches) to earn the following:

1 to 199 PGA = $0.68 per box OR $0.78 per box for specialty cookies
200+ PGA = $0.78 per box OR $0.88 per box for specialty cookies
300+ PGA = $0.83 per box OR $0.93 per box for specialty cookies

Events & Contests

The weekly Bling Your Booth Challenge is back and this year, you could win an ice cream party for your troop! Entries are open from February 18-March 18. How to bling your booth:

  1. Pick a bold theme like: Wild About Cookies, Movie Glam, Bakery, Flower Power, or Go Green!
  2. Create fun posters with your cookie goals, lots of awesome pictures, and maybe add balloons!
  3. Dress up and use colored lights to invite customers to a cookie party.
  4. Add anything that makes your booth stand out from the crowd.
  5. Most importantly: Have fun!

Here are some rules to follow:

  1. Take a photo of your troop in action at your booth starting February 18.
  2. Submit your entry. All entries must be submitted by 8 a.m. Monday to be considered for the week.
  3. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges.

Cookie Pro

What’s your barrier-breaking, goal-crushing, world-changing superpower?

Girl Scouts and the DC Super Hero Girls™ are teaming up to help young cookie entrepreneurs across the country unleash that unstoppable G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ shine, share their cookie stories with the world like a super hero, and enter for a chance to win an epic adventure they’ll never forget!

Our incredible Cookie program participants will have the chance to win the Cookie Entrepreneur Experience of a lifetime featuring the DC Super Hero Girls, and meet prominent entrepreneurs, tour Warner Bros. Studios, and best of all, watch their inner super hero spread her wings and fly! Learn more at the Cookie Pro Website.

Troop Rewards

Troop Initial Order Reward

Troop Initial Order Reward
If a troop has an Initial Order Per Girl Selling Average (PGA) of 175 boxes by the January 27 troop deadline, the troop will earn 2 Tech Packs for volunteers. All items will be available for pick-up at Count N Go with the troop’s initial cookie order.

Troop Final Sales Reward

Troop Final Sales Reward
Troops with 185 PGA at end of program (March 18) will earn a Go for Bold Hat for every girl selling and 2 for volunteers.

Daisy Troop Reward

Daisy Troop Reward
Girl Scout Daisy Troops with a 160 PGA by the close of the program (March 18) will receive a Cookie Rookie Patch for every girl selling and 2 patches for volunteers.

Each troop will receive two patches for the adult volunteers

Booth Sale Patch

Troops with at least 5 Cookie Booths approved in eBudde by March 18 will earn the Booth Sale Patch for every girl selling.

Bling Your Booth

Weekly contest winner; Bling Your Booth Patch and Ice Cream Party.

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