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The Treats & Keeps Program is an awesome opportunity for your G.I.R.L. ( Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker, Leader)™ to enhance her Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Much more than a money-earning activity, the Treats & Keeps Program teaches your Girl Scout skills that will help her grow into a leader and prepare her for the future.

Participating girls will develop skills in financial literacy and learn how to set goals, make individual and group decisions, craft her unique sales pitch, manage troop proceeds and ethically run a business.

Get Started

How to get started with Treats & Keeps!

Be a Registered Girl Scout!
Each girl participant must be registered for the 2019-2020 Girl Scout year.

Give the OKAY!
Turn in a signed Parent Permission & Financial Responsibility Form to your Troop’s Treats & Keeps Chair.

Understand the Treats & Keeps Program.
Attend your troop’s Treats & Keeps meeting to understand how to support your Girl Scout and her troop.

M2 is the online hub that powers your Treats & Keeps business.
M2 will allow you to submit orders electronically to the troop; those collected on the Order Card and those collected online.

Important Dates

Important Dates


September 27 - Girls begin taking Treats & Keeps orders online and with their Order Card.


October 26 - Last day for girls to enter orders and rewards into M2


October 26 - M2 sites closes for all customer orders


November 16, 18 & 19 - Service Unit Product Delivery (Your troop will notify you when product and rewards are available for pickup).


Date set by troop - Product/rewards pick-up.


Date set by troop - Money due to troop.

Family Tips

Family Tips

Your encouragement will help your Girl Scout receive the greatest benefit from the Treats & Keeps Program. As a Treats & Keeps Entrepreneur, she will build five awesome skills:


Goal Setting - Ask her about her goals and help her make a plan to achieve them.


Decision Making - Let her decide how to run her business: online, Order Card or both!


Money Management - Let her collect orders, accept payments, provide receipts and make change.


People Skills - Help her coordinate places to take orders, people to ask and how she will market to potential customers.


Business Ethics - Mark the calendar for September 27 – it’s the day her business opens and she can begin taking orders.

Girl Rewards

In addition to earning funds to help support the activities of the troop, girls can earn cool rewards based on their individual participation in the Treats & Keeps Program.

Rewards are cumulative, which means girls will earn the reward for the highest level achieved and each reward at the lower levels of achievement.

Chocolates & Nuts Rewards
  • Rhino Patch

  • String Art OR Rhino Charm & Bracelet

  • Super Seller Patch & your Choice of: Small Rhino Plush
    OR Sequin Drawstring Bag

  • Be the Difference T-Shirt OR $10 iTunes Card OR $10 Google Play Card

  • Large Rhino Plush OR Fun Bundle (pencil case, glitter pen, necklace, sequin journal)

  • Small crossbody bag and keychain purse OR Empower Poster Kit

  • $30 Barnes & Noble Gift Card OR American Girl Tea Party (Girl +1)

  • Camp Pack (sweatshirt stadium blanket & LED lantern) and Sleepover Under the Stars (Girl +1) OR African Rhino Exhibit at Zoo Atlanta (Girl +1)

  • Amazon Echo Dot OR African Rhino Adoption Kit

  • Polaroid Originals - OneStep Instant Camera w/film

Online Magazines Rewards
  • Be the Difference Patch

  • Small Rhino Plush OR Sequin Drawstring Bag

  • Magazine Super Seller Patch & your choice of: Sequin Journal OR Diamond Gem String Lights

  • Large Rhino Plush OR Star Marquee Light

  • Loop de Doo Spinning Kit OR SkyZone Glow Zone (120 minutes with t-shirt)

  • JBuds Wireless Earbud Headphones OR Party at The Pink Hotel (Girl + Adult)

Special Participation Patches
  • 5 Smiles4Military items
    Smiles4Military patch

  • 15 emails
    Believe in Yourself Patch

  • Send 15+ emails and sell 20+ chocolates/nuts and 4+ magazines
    Personalized Patch

  • Send 15+ emails in 2019 Treats & Keeps Program AND sell 250+ boxes in 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program
    Cookie Crossover Patch

Troop Rewards

$850 or more in total sales (online and order card)
Personalized Patch


All troops can earn:

  • Chocolates/Nuts (Per Item Sold Online or Order Card)
    • 1-24 PGA = $1.00 each
    • 25+ PGA = $1.20 each
  • Magazines (Per Item Sold Online)
    • 1-24 PGA = $2.00 each
    • 25+ PGA = $2.20 each

Opting Out of Girl Rewards

Girl Scout Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Troops can opt-out of all girl rewards to earn an additional $0.10 per item sold.

All girls in the troop must agree and sign the Non-Reward Girl Agreement Form confirming their consent.

Girls will still receive earned bonus patches.


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