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When Girl Scout Daisies take part in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, they’re helping lead the largest entrepreneurial program for girls in the world. How? By learning life skills, setting impressive goals (and crushing them!), using their cookie earnings to go on epic adventures and making the world a better place!

Daisies Can Set Big Goals (and achieve them)

Setting goals can teach Daisies how to manage a task, no matter how big or how small. Help them to discover ideas and choose a cookie goal. Girl Scout Daisies will have fun and stay active as they use teamwork to agree on a Go/Give/Have goal for their group.

Go: Go on a new adventure

Give: Give back to the community

Have: Earn awesome girl rewards

Daisies Can Make the Ask

Daisies can ask family and friends to purchase Girl Scout Cookies starting January 1. She can use her Girl Order Card to track orders on paper or Digital Cookie to take orders online with help from her parent.

Daisies Can Cookie Booth

Daisies have lots of fun setting up their cookie booth and talking to customers. A cookie booth doesn’t have to be in front of a grocery store. Daisies can sell directly to customers by pulling wagons through their neighborhood or opening a “bakery shop/lemonade stand” in their front yard. The possibilities are endless!

Daisies Can Earn Great Rewards

Girl Scouts Daisies can earn rewards.

In addition to a fantastic line-up of items and experiences, Girl Scouts can earn Cookie Dough, which can be applied to membership fees, camp, Badge & Sash purchases, and more.

Girl Scout Daisy troops with a 160 PGA by the close of the program (March 18) will receive a Cookie Rookie Patch for every girl selling. Each troop will also receive two Volunteer patches for the adult volunteers.

Meet Flat Daisy

Flat Daisy gives Girl Scout Daisies a friend to share their awesome cookie adventures with. Print the Flat Daisy Cut Outs or the Coloring Acitivity page. Girls can color her in and bring her along to all of her Girl Scout Cookie activities. Flat Daisy can be used as an individual or troop activity to help girls build confidence. We can't wait to see the places Daisies will go and the adventures she will have along the way!

If you are looking for an early starter activity for your girls in addition to Flat Daisy try these:

Need a little help preparing for this season – we’ve got you covered.