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Adopt a Horse

Adopt A Horse Application

Your troop can show your love for our Girl Scout horses by symbolically adopting a horse to help cover the cost of their food, grooming supplies, veterinary visits, and more.

When you adopt a horse, your troop will receive an official adoption certificate, a fact sheet to learn more about your horse, and the exclusive Adopt a Horse patch pictured below for each girl's vest or sash!

Adopt-a-Horse Patch

Your Troop can choose to support your adopted horse at different levels:

  • $150 feeds your horse for a month.
  • $375 feeds your horse for a month and grooms them for 6 months.
  • $500 feeds your horse for a month, grooms them for 6 months, and covers the cost of vet bills and supplements for a year.

Troops who donate at the $375 and $500 levels will be invited to attend a Day at the Barn event where they can meet their adopted horse, help groom their horse, take a behind the scenes tour of the barn, and more.

For more information, contact Shelby Swiney at or 770-702-9227.