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Adopt A Horse Application

"Every horse deserves, at least once in its life,
to be loved by a little girl."

Girls and their horses. Anyone who has ever seen a girl whisper secrets into a horse’s ear or wrap their arms around a horse’s neck knows that girls and horses have a special bond.

At Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, we offer all girls the opportunity to experience this unique relationship and develop horsemanship skills through our comprehensive equestrian program. We provide instruction in both English and Western-style riding, and offer everything from riding lessons to trail rides; from hunter jumping to vaulting (gymnastics on horseback!).

Courage, Confidence, Character – And Horses!
Through our equestrian program, we equip girls with skills that help them succeed both in the arena and in life.

Being in charge of an animal as large as a horse demands both courage and confidence. Riding gives girls an opportunity to overcome their fears, test their boundaries, and develop their voice. In a world where girls are often called "bossy" for being confident and self-assured, horseback riding rewards these traits. The more confident, self-assured, and commanding a rider is, the better a horse will respond. Importantly, riding teaches girls to use these leadership skills as part of a team. Once in the arena, every girl and horse must work together and rely on each other’s skills to be successful.

Girls also learn tremendous discipline and a strong work ethic through riding. Riders must constantly reflect on their own skills, work toward self-improvement, and persevere throughout their lessons. Even when they make mistakes – or fall – they learn to get back on and try again.

What Does My Investment Support?

For larger troops (15 or more), an additional $10/girl donation is requested.

What Does My Investment Support?
It costs Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta approximately $4,500 every year to care for each horse.

    Your yearly donation of $125 provides critical funds that help defray the ongoing costs associated with running an equestrian program and caring for these magnificent animals. These costs include, but are not limited to:
  • Maintenance of our stables, riding arenas, and trails
  • Tack and grooming supplies
  • Safe helmets and riding boots for participants
  • Grain and hay
  • Veterinary, dental, and farrier care
  • Salaries of equestrian staff
    Once you have adopted your special horse, you will receive via email:
  • Adoption certificate
  • Photo
  • Fact sheet
  • Invitation to an exclusive donor event at the barn