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We want to help you raise extra money for your Service Unit!

How does it work?
  • Partner with a business in your area to support Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta from April 12 - 25, 2020.
  • 50% of each donation will benefit the Annual Fund and 50% will be refunded to your Service Unit.
  • All business sponsors will receive a tax-deductible donation letter.
How can you participate?
  • Host a Restaurant Spirit Night! Check with restaurants in your area to see if they offer spirit night opportunities where a portion of the proceeds from an evening or day are donated to a nonprofit.
  • Ask a Business to Support Girl Scouts! Ask a business in your community for a donation made payable to Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta or to donate a portion of sales from April 12 - 25 to Girl Scouts. Think about your local dry cleaner, nail salon, real estate agent, insurance agent, etc.

    You can use this Service Unit Solicitation Letter template when communicating with businesses. The letter explains the Annual reFund program and includes the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Tax ID number.
The Rules
  1. All spirit night events must take place between April 12 - 25.
  2. All donation checks must be addressed to Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, must be mailed to 5601 N Allen Rd Mableton, GA 30126, must be dated between April 12 - 25, and must be received by May 25. Checks cannot funnel through Service Unit or Troop bank accounts.
  3. Only the portion of proceeds retained by Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta will be applied to the Service Unit's Annual Fund goal.
  4. All Annual reFund events require approval of a Beyond the Troop form no later than April 6.
  5. Donations from individual donors not associated with a business will not be considered for this program.
  6. In-kind donations, employer matching gifts, and volunteer service grants are not eligible for this program.
  7. Service Unit refunds will be mailed by June 1. Be sure to report any further distribution of funds on your Service Unit Finance Report.

How can Service Units use the refund?
GSGATL is not putting any limits on how a Service Unit uses its refund. As long as the Service Unit is in line with Girl Scout policies, standards & procedures found in Volunteer Essentials, then the Service Unit is free to distribute the ReFUND however they see fit. The Service Unit can use the money to fund their own summer day camps, offer financial aid for girls to attend events, make refunds back to the troop that made the initial solicitation…The choice is up to the Service Unit! Just make sure the Service Unit has communicated their intention prior to asking adults to participate in making the solicitations.

Does my spirit night event need a First Aider?
The Beyond the Troop Event (BTTE) application will require you to add the name of a First Aider but not all spirit nights will actually need one on hand for the duration of the event.
Use your judgement. Is your spirit night is at a skating rink that is making a donation based on how many skaters attend on a given night? Then yes, you need a First Aider. Is your spirit night is at a restaurant that is making a donation based on how many families come through the drive-thru from 4-8 pm? Then no, you would not need a First Aider. The BTTE form requires you enter that information though, so if you DO NOT need one at your event, simply fill in “spirit night” or “N/A” in that area of the form. If Risk Management disagrees, and thinks a First Aider is required for your type of event, we will certainly let you know!

Have more questions? Contact Shelby Brown at or call 770-702-9227