Girls Get Away Weekend - Camp Timber Ridge - Feb. 14-16
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Girls Get Away Weekend - Camp Timber Ridge - Feb. 14-16

Fri Feb 14, 6:00 PM - Sun Feb 16, 11:00 AM EST
Camp Timber Ridge
Thu Aug 01, 10:00 AM - Fri Feb 07, 11:45 PM EST
Outdoor Events
Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors
Girl Fee:
$100; on 2/7/20 a late fee of $10 will be added
Adult Fee:
$65; on 2/7/20 a late fee of $10 will be added

At the Girls Get Away it is our goal for girls to complete a program that meets the GSUSA requirements for the journey they select. While the purpose of this event is to be educational in order to complete the journey, we do work to ensure as much fun as possible. Some of the topics due tend to be more intense and boring so we work to create a sense of fun around it while making sure to not detract from the content of the event. Each journey requires a large amount of book work along with hands on activities. Please expect the girls will spend some time sitting, talking, discussing and processing content that is being covered. We will ensure they get 1 activity outside around camp that is active and in an area the staff supervising them is trained in. We cannot guarantee which activities each group will do depends on staffing, girls attending and weather. Girls will complete all requirements up to the Take Action project. The Take Action project will be up to them to complete on their own time.

Each troop/girl will be asked to select their journey one month prior to the event. The options by Girl Scout level include:
Brownie s- World of Girls or Brownie Quest
Juniors - Agent of Change, Get Moving, Amuse
Cadettes - Amaze, Media or Breathe
Seniors - Girltopia and Mission Sisterhood
Ambassador - Bliss and Justice
Each Journey must have a minimum of 4 girls to be offered if we do not reach that minimum then girls will be asked to select another journey as soon as we are able to confirm all troops/girls have made their selections. Might be as close as the Tuesday before the event.

This is a troop event! We will only accept the number of adults that are required according to volunteer essential ratios which is as follows: Daisy’s 1:4, Brownies 1:6, Juniors: 1:8, Cadettes and up 1:10. We do understand that sometimes you might need 1 more adult due to space in vehicles so we will allow that. If the number of adults exceeds Safety Activity Checkpoints, then they will have to pay the full event fee which is equal to the girl price.

Badge connections: Earn 1st 2 parts of the Journey patch series

Fee includes: 4 meals (3 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday), snacks, camp staff at a 1:10 ratio, activity supplies and lodging.
Girls are expected to provide the Journey Book and purchase their own Journey Awards. Both will be sold at camp. Journey Awards are discounted at camp to $4.22 and Journey books are regular price at $7.42.
Adult supervision is required for Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts. Cadette and above can attend without adult supervision and will be supervised by other adult troop volunteers and/or camp staff. It is important to note that at Journey Weekends/Days girls are given a good bit of independence when moving from place to place and camp so girls attending without adults should be able to follow directions and go where instructed and be on time as the camp staff are juggling the girls and the journey program and might have to give them a few minutes of down time to set up an activity.

Adult Training required: Troop Outdoor Certificate (certificate includes: Girl Scouting 101, Safety first, Day trips and overnights, and Cabin camping or camp basics online) and First Aide/CPR if attending as a troop.

Contact: Caitlyn Brune - - 770-702-9070