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Safety and Set Up

Sun Nov 08, 2:30 PM - 4:45 PM

·  Safety & Setup: Understanding how to keep girls safe online and how to set up the systems.  Take a dive into the basics of online meetings and ways to support a safe environment for girls to connect with one another. We will review the Online Safety Activity Points, practical applications, and some of the platforms you can use. Deep Dive into Zoom & its features (Break out rooms, polling, virtual backgrounds, etc.)

·  Zooming made Fun: Ways to Engage Girls Online Low- and High-Tech Options We all want to keep the Girl engaged while online. This class will offer some ideas of ways to adapt and play together in a virtual world. You will learn simple things that only require a camera to more complex screen sharing, whiteboard, and annotate activities.

·  Virtually Girl Led: Tips to keep online meetings Girl led and incorporating Girl Scout Traditions No matter where Girl Scouts are meeting, we want to integrate Girl led and traditions to all that we do. You will walk away with practical tips to continue this work in the digital world.