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Virtual Camp

Virtual Camp Sessions:

Virtual Camp Sessions are an opportunity to bring camp to you! Join us from wherever you are to experience camp magic with your Girl Scout friends. Virtual camp sessions will consist of multiple meetings filled with activities, learning opportunities, and ways to challenge you surrounding that session’s theme.

Delectable Delights
April 8, 15, 11, and 29

Come join us for a four week series full of cooking sessions as you work towards completing either the Gardener badge for Juniors or the Trees badge for Cadettes. We will concentrate on learning about growing vegetables and herbs, enhancing our knowledge about fruit and nut trees, all while expanding our confidence in the kitchen. It will be a fun time via Zoom where we will be growing our independence, knowledge, and friendships! Come cook with us as we make Chocolate Banana Muffins, Honey Bread, Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies, Lemon Sorbet, and Homemade Lemonade. We cannot wait for you to join us!

Badge Connection: Juniors: Gardener and Cadettes: Trees

Fee: $60 for first child in household + $15 for second child. With the sibling discount, you will only receive supplies for one participant. Girls will receive a box with basic supplies but will also need to purchase the ingredients necessary for each week’s recipes.

Fee includes: Four staff-led virtual sessions via Zoom and a box with minimum program supplies.

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About Registration: Contact the Event Registrar at 770-702-9103, 770-702-9140 or

About the Event: Contact: Rachel Kinrade;; 770-354-1017