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Seniors (Grades 9-10)

Girl Scout Seniors is the fifth level in Girl Scouts and is open to girls in grades 9-10.

Girl Scout Seniors are ready to take the world by storm—and at Girl Scouts, there are millions of ways to do it. Whether it’s being a positive role model to younger girls, tackling an important international issue or earning her Girl Scout Gold Award, it all adds that “little something extra” to college and scholarship applications.

We recognize that with coronavirus, everything is changing rapidly. Girl Scouts wants be here with you during this change so we’re moving quickly as we can to bring content to you that is fun, engaging, and helps you relax and reduce your stress.

The activities below have been adapted from existing Girl Scout programming and optimized for use at home during a period of social distancing.

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Activity: Girl Scout Promise

Have you thought about earning your Community Service Bar? Check out these immediate needs where you can help NOW locally! Challenge yourself to be a change-maker.

  • Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany, Georgia is in crisis. They are using 3,000 disposable masks a day and are asking volunteers to sew masks for health care providers.
  • A.G. Rhodes a non-profit nursing home with 3 locations in Metro Atlanta would love your words of encouragement.
Activity: Honest & Fair

Are you interested in earning your Journey? Sign up to attend our Journey Series program, starting the week of April 13:


  • GIRLtopia, Mondays at 7:00pm (4 Session starting April 13). In this Journey, you will develop your vision for an ideal world and acquire the skills to make it a reality—paint a mural, write a poem or story, film a video, or perform a show about ways society can improve. Plan a Take Action Project and earn three Awards.
  • Mission: Sisterhood, Tuesdays at 7:00pm (4 Session starting April 14). In this Journey, you will discover the powerful benefits of sisterhood and ways to nurture healthy friendships—invite a women’s shelter counselor to talk about her work, role-play friendship scenarios to explore trust in relationships, or create a collage about what sisterhood means to you. Plan a Take Action Project and earn three Awards.

Scholarships are available click here!

Activity: Friendly & Helpful

This week we are focusing on the second part of the Girl Scout Law about being friendly and helpful. Everyone is looking for ways to help out and as young women you have the opportunity to be a part of the solution! Take a look at the First Aid badge for your program level and make a plan to get First Aid certified!

Activity: Considerate & Caring

This week we are focusing on the third part of the Girl Scout Law about being considerate and caring. With Earth Day around the corner, we want you to explore your inner naturalist as you explore how COVID 19 has made an impact on everything in our lives! Seniors will focus on sky! Take a look at the badge for your level and join us in the challenges below!


Take action from home, and let our community and neighbors know we support Earth Day and they can too.

Make a window sign to advocate and support our environment. Take a piece of cardboard, poster board or a piece of paper and share your phrase of support.

See below a few ideas by category:

Sustainable Food:

  • Fight climate change with diet change
  • Food waste isn’t in good taste
  • Be a winner and eat a plant-based dinner
  • Soy to the world


  • Less plastic would be fantastic
  • Mother Earth doesn’t like quitters. Pick up your litter
  • Don’t be trashy! Buy less plastic
  • Dump bad habits, not your trash


  • There’s no eARTh without ART

Climate Change:

  • The climate’s changing. Why aren’t we?
  • Don’t be a fossil fool
  • Let’s rise up before the seas do


  • Biodiversity or bust!
  • Respect existence or expect resistance
  • No Nature, no future

Make sure you include these hashtags on the bottom of your window sign, #GirlScoutEarthDay2020 and #GirlScoutStrong and tag us @GirlScoutsATL.

Activity: Courageous & Strong

This week we are focusing on the fourth part of the Girl Scout Law about being courageous and strong. We’re taking our courage into the STEM industry, as we explore the Space Science badges. Did you know that only 24% of aerospace employees are women? As you explore the badges this week, gain some inspiration from women at NASA and think about if a career in aerospace might be for you!

Go LIVE with Claire Raftery at the National Solar Observatory! Learn about the Inouye Solar Telescope, life as a solar astronomer and how telescopes work! To join, click “Register to attend,” then have a parent sign-up for an account to complete registration. Nepris is currently being offered for free through the end of May.

Activity: Responsible for What I Say and Do

This week we're challenging you based on your personality’s true color!

First, take the quiz to figure out your true color.

Take our poll to share your results.

Activity: Respect Myself & Others

This week we are focusing on the sixth part of the Girl Scout Law about respecting myself and others. What does respecting yourself and others look like at your home this week?

Respect yourself, your body, your mind and your energy! It’s especially challenging when we have less social time with others to ensure that we are keeping up with both physical and mental activity.

Next Thursday, May 14 at 6:30 p.m. we are sharing a LIVE Yoga session for older girls (and parents) on Zoom.

Find a comfortable spot in the house. Set-up your mat and tablet or device. Join us LIVE to learn some tips for stress relief and mindfulness!

Register here. Once you are registered, a calendar invite for the Zoom session will be emailed to you.

We’re also hosting a recipe exchange! What a great time to focus on eating healthy! Share your favorite healthy meal through our Facebook page tomorrow. We will share a post and would love to see your favorite meals in the comments.

Are you interested in earning your Journey? Sign-up to attend our Journey Series program, starting the week of June 1! Registration will open up Friday, May 15 at 1 p.m.


Scholarships are available!

Activity: Respect Authority

This week we are focusing on the seventh part of the Girl Scout Law about respecting authority. What does respecting authority look like at your home this week?

The Girl Scout slogan, which has been used since 1912, is "Do a good turn daily." The slogan is a reminder of the many ways girls can contribute positively to the lives of others.

Challenge yourself to give back each day of the week, focusing on a different audience!

  1. Parent/Guardian: Make a list of the top chores that your parent/guardian does for you and then take one day to return the favor.
  2. Older Sibling/Girl Scout Sister: Siblings should always be there for each other. Think of one admirable thing that your sibling/cousin does for you, then write them a letter to share how much you admire them.
  3. Troop Leader: These volunteers are an amazing example of how you can share love of Girl Scouts with others. They lead us through activities all year long and they do it for free! Host a special “graduation” with your Girl Scout sisters to thank your troop leader for everything you’ve done with Girl Scouts this year!
  4. Teacher: Teachers made a major change to help support you virtually since March. They’ve made sacrifices at home and are now finishing up their year. Send your teacher a “Thanks!” video or give them a virtual standing ovation in your next class!
  5. Medical Workers: Physical and mental health never sleeps. These workers are still supporting and serving us, even though their jobs have become much more challenging. If you have cookies, sell the rest this week to support your local doctor’s office or clinic. If you don’t promote the Cookies of Kindness to target these essential workers. Write a nice note to show that you care!
  6. Police Officers and Firefighter: These women and men rarely see or hear thanks. When you see them in your community this week, wave and say “Thank You!” A few words go a long way.
  7. Postal Carrier/Delivery Driver: The post office never sleeps and delivery drivers are still working to meet our increased “at-home” needs. Put together a care package for these individuals to brighten their day. Or leave a note for the next delivery!

Did you do a good turn for each of the 7 days? If so, treat yourself to the patch and tag us @GirlScoutATL and use #GirlScoutStrong in your social media posts, or e-mail

Activity: Use Resources Wisely

This week we are focusing on the eighth part of the Girl Scout Law about using resources wisely. What does using resources wisely look like at your home this week?

Use this week to be more mindful of how you use everyday resources!

The easiest way to reduce your impact on the environment is to be mindful of using water/soda bottles and cans. To reduce this use of plastic, you can do 2 things: 1) Get a water bottle and fill from a fridge or sink. Use fun stickers or designs to show your personality, make it an accessory that others envy! 2) When you buy drinks, get larger sizes – such as a 2-liter, instead of a pack of cans. One bottle is less than a pack of 12.

Do you have an old T-shirt that you just can’t let go? What a great opportunity to reuse that shirt as something more functional! Take a look at this DIY tutorial and turn your shirt into a new bag.

More time at home = more toilet paper! That’s why there was scarcity earlier this year. Toilet paper rolls are a great way to repurpose or decorate a household item.

Try one of these cool designs: 1) Picture Frame or 2) Wall Mirror or search Toilet Paper crafts and find your own!

Activity: Make the World a Better Place

Explore the Environmental Stewardship Series!

Focus on the Eco Explorer badge. Complete step four of the badge by taking a trip to a state park to learn more about your favorite preservation or environmental issue. Read the signs and learn! If you can, talk to people who work or volunteer there. Plan and carry out an environmental project on your chosen issue.

Activity: Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout

This week we are focusing on the tenth part of the Girl Scout Law about being a sister to every Girl Scout. What does being a sister to every Girl Scout look like at your home this week?

With the challenges our Girl Scouts have faced in the past few months, we can all use a bit of Girl Scout spirit to lift us up. This week, we’re focusing on the Girl Scout Way badge series to inspire our sisterhood.

Seniors – Create your own list of laws related to the Girl Scout Law to earn Step Three of the Girl Scout Way badge. Write out each line of the law and under each part, make a commitment or action that you want to incorporate into your life. Share your list with your Girl Scout sisters and challenge them to commit as well!

Challenge Week 1:

This week we challenge all Girl Scouts to showcase the Girl Scout Promise in a special way.

Share with us your challenge by tagging us on social media and using the hashtag #GirlScoutStrong.

Challenge Week 2:

This week we challenge all Girl Scouts to connect with other Girl Scout sisters in an online game night! Clear your Saturday night plans and connect with your troop to use one of these collaborative game apps:

Scrabble Go
See if you can get some new words passed off, like "fleek" as a valid Scrabble words. Download the Scrabble Go app and get ready to argue for hours on end with your beloved sisters. A sense of normalcy is a good thing in these hard times, right? The game allows up to four players.

Sure, it won't be quite as fun to gloat your "UNO" over FaceTime as it is IRL, but we've gotta make sacrifices here, people. And the classic card game's virtual app has all kinds of cool twists. You can play with friends from anywhere, team up for 2v2 mode, compete in tournaments, and more.

Ultimate Chicken Horse
We can’t get enough of this hilarious and zany multiplayer game. The game starts by selecting your character (choose from a horse, chicken, zebra, and more), then build the level together, complete with high-stakes challenges like oh-so-carefully-placed fans for gusts of ill-timed wind, quicksand, and icy platforms right where you need to jump. Once everyone has contributed to the level’s design, you’re off to the races, testing your design in real time as each of you run through the ensuing mayhem to safety.

Share with us your challenge by tagging us on social media and using the hashtag #GirlScoutStrong.

Challenge Week 3:

We’re going LIVE next week on Instagram and are challenging you to identify some common first aid kit items! Take a look at the list here: English and Spanish.

All of the items are useful parts of a first aid kit! Some allow you to be a bit creative, while others are more straightforward.

  • Challenge #1: See if you can figure out the hints to figure out what each clue is referencing.
  • Challenge #2: See how many of these items you can gather to create a first aid kit – are you prepared?

Join us LIVE on Tuesday, April 14 at 6 p.m. on our Instagram page to see if you are correct and to ask some questions to our trained staff about first aid and emergency preparedness!

Challenge Week 4:

Explore the Sky badge and look to the horizon!

Celebrate Earth Day in your own environment. We know that different colors in the sky are caused by various effects of science. For instance, why is the sky blue? What makes up the colors of a rainbow? Why does our sun look yellow from the Earth, but white from space. Check out NASA’s website for answers and more information.

Now you know the science of why, but we know that these colors can change, depending on the time of day, the weather, and the amount of pollution, smog, pollen – or air quality – each day.

Your challenge for Earth Day: On April 22, choose a spot from your environment that best shows the horizon and take a picture (or multiple pictures) of the sun setting. Note the time of day and the temperature of when the picture was taken. If you can, check out the air quality map, add your zip code, and note the quality of the air.

Then select the picture you like the best and send it to us by emailing We’ll compile our horizons into an Earth Day collage. If you are unable to take a picture on April 22, please choose another within the week, but before Sunday, April 26.

Challenge Week 5:

Each of the challenges this week relate to the Space Science badges. Click on the link at each level to download them for free. They are available for a limited time only!

Space Science Expert badge

  1. Think about the ways that you are “Courageous and Strong”
    Reading through the below attributes for each word, which words would you choose as synonyms for your courageous and strong? In what ways are you courageous and strong?
    • Courageous: adventurous, audacious, bold, brave, daring, fearless, gallant, gutsy, heroic, resolute, tenacious, tough, valiant
    • Strong: able, active, athletic, big, capable, durable, energetic, firm, forceful, healthy, powerful, robust, secure, steady, tenacious, tough, vigorous
  2. Check out a Sky Map. The night sky is amazingly complex - take some time to learn the difference between planets, moons, nebulas, star clusters, red star, blue star, and constellations.
  3. Research the origin stories of at least three constellations. In both Western cultures and around the world by modern astronomers, the constellations are referred to using their Ancient Greek names (while most of the traditional Western star names came from Arabic). However, cultures around the world have created their own explanations and stories for the constellations. Check out some of the different cultures you could look into here.
  4. Create your own constellation and its origin story! Look up on a clear night and imagine your own shapes and figures from the twinkling lights above. Connect the stars and create your own courageous and strong constellation; and, using the personality attributes you selected in Step One, write your personal constellation's origin story.

    Fun and Interesting Resources:
    The Planetarium
    20 Facts About These Fascinating Groups of Stars
Challenge Week 6:

Based on our personality types, we all challenge ourselves in different ways. Use your color to guide you in sharing some positive vibes this week:

BLUE: Your true color is blue! You are typically calm, optimistic, and kind. Read more about being blue.

Think about ways that you can increase the peace in your life and the world around you. For example, consider planting a “peace” garden. This can be a small dish or ceramic pot garden for inside the house, or an outside area in your yard where you can go and sit and feel peaceful on a crazy day. Can you make two gardens and share with someone who could use a boost right now?

Everyone’s life has changed recently. Write three things you might be able to do to help your family members or friends adapt to change and feel better. Commit to one of those items and carry it out.

Sometimes it’s hard for a Blue to be compassionate to themselves. Begin creating a collage or journal for yourself that is meant to help you understand how being a Blue shows up in your everyday life.

If you want to think about your future, blue personalities are great in nurturing careers or those in which they care about others. Can you brainstorm five careers that a Blue personality would be awesome in?

Gold: There several personality traits for each color, specifically GOLD we are going to focus on “ Prepare for the Future” and “ Value Organization”; these two traits are key to getting through this time of being out of school and getting ready for the next phase in our lives.

Let’s challenge our upcoming days with choosing 3 of the 8 of the things listed below:

  1. Start with your day with an empowering morning routine.
  2. Share a smile.
  3. Learn to talk to yourself positively.
  4. Declutter and organize.
  5. Describe your life using positive language.
  6. Focus on solutions, not just problems.
  7. Feed Your Brain with Positivity.
  8. Enjoy Life's Small Pleasures.

GREEN: We love to think critically, collect data, and invent new things! Making plans is a skill and it hold us responsible for what we say and do! Take some time to create a decision-making flowchart to help your fellow Girls Scouts. Maybe it shows new Cadettes, Seniors, or Ambassadors badges that would be right for them. It could be a way to decide what fun patches to collect in the next year. You could also help someone brainstorm ways they could spend their cookie dough! You have the time and ability to help collect the data and we all have the time to make a plan for next year!

ORANGE: We have a BOLD personality, are proud to be Girl Scouts, and are ready to share the love! This week think about your community. We all need a bit of positive messaging right now! Use your creativity and head outside. Grab some sidewalk chalk and share a positive sidewalk message!

Is art not your thing? Share your positive message with Girl Scouts in a video! Put on your uniform, record an inspiring message, and send it to us at! We’ll share your message with your fellow Girl Scouts to keep the positive vibes flowing! #GirlScoutStrong

Challenge Week 7:

There are two important ways that you can improve your health and wellness: drink water and stay active! Use the guidelines below and challenge yourself to be healthier this week and into the summer!

With summer approaching, remember to be mindful of our water intake. To prevent dehydration, you need to drink adequate amounts of water daily. There are many different opinions on how much you should be drinking. Most health authorities recommend EIGHT 8-ounce glasses, which equals to about a half a gallon. This is called the 8X8 rule – easy to remember.

Challenge yourself to drink more water this summer - drink an ounce of water for each pound you weigh every day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75-150 ounces of water per day, which equals 4.6 sixteen oz. bottles of water. See the chart below to find yours:

See this chart to find yours

Regular physical activity is important for our overall health, and walking is an easy way to get your body moving! Popular advice recommends walking 10,000 steps daily, but you can create your own goal. For example, you can start by tracking how many steps you take on an average day and then setting a short-term goal of 1,000 extra steps daily for a week.

Challenge yourself to take a walk daily and get those steps in even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Don’t have a pedometer at home to track your steps? You can use your phone! If you have an iPhone, the Health app automatically monitors the steps you take when you walk or run (if you’re carrying your phone with you). If you have an Android phone, the Google Fit app will also track your steps.

Challenge Week 8:

We challenge you to earn your High Award this summer, and this starts with your Journey. Sign-up to attend our Journey Series program, starting the week of June 1! Registration opens tomorrow at 12 p.m.


Scholarships are available!

After you’ve completed the Journey, we’ll host weekly sessions to support earning your High Award! Stay tuned for a calendar of activities coming soon!

Challenges Week 9:

How will you REuse or REcycle this week? Using one of the ideas above, an idea of your own, OR one of our Outdoor Art badges (C - Outdoor Art Apprentice, S – Outdoor Art Expert, A – Outdoor Art Master), create something this week. Tag us in your designs on Instagram and we’ll choose a winner to share!

Challenges Week 10:

Take Action to help make the world a better place! Are you still looking for a way to help make the world a better place? Try out one of the challenges below:

  1. Challenge your knowledge of leave no trace! Take the Leave No Trace Course and begin your path to outdoor awareness.
  2. Join your Girl Scout sister, Samyukta! With the current pandemic and lack of PPE in the Atlanta area, a few weeks ago, she started the Atlanta Mask Project to create and distribute fabric masks to healthcare and frontline workers. To date, her team of 20 volunteers has created more than 1,300 fabric masks. They've also donated to five healthcare facilities, including Emory, WellStar Kennestone, and Piedmont Hospitals. If you or anyone you know is interested in helping, visit her website to sign up to help.
  3. Girl Scouts is hosting a free virtual webinar for girls on June 4 Awesome Girls: Living Our Faith in Uncertain Times. Girls are invited to discuss with faith leaders how their faith can support and equip them for service during our time of COVID-19 and beyond. Girls will also have a chance to learn more about other religions.
  4. Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors safely while social distancing! While you’re at it, join the Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge —complete the designated number of activities and earn yourself a cool new patch. Use #gsoutdoors to share your story and to see how other girls are completing this fun outdoor challenge.
Challenges Week 11:

As we close-out our Girl Scout year, we challenge you to use your VOICE to share with your Girl Scout sisters.

Find a popular song about Girl Scout spirit or write your own words to a pop song with a catchy beat. Sing it and share it with us – OR teach it to your sisters and sing it together!

If singing isn’t your jive – how about a video? Bridging ceremonies honor the growth and learning that Girl Scouts have made throughout the year AND challenge them to do more in the future. Help us to create a meaningful bridging ceremony by sharing your tips for the levels before you.

Send your songs and videos to us at and we might feature you during National Bridging Week in August 2020!

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