Girl Scout Cookies are in the house!

Marina, is your troop ready for Count N Go? Girl Scout Cookies are almost here and we have a few tips to make Count N Go run a success!

How to Prep for Count N Go

  1. Verify Location
    Log into eBudde to verify your chosen location and time slot by clicking on the DELIVERY Tab and the “VIEW CONFIRMATION” button. The cookies ordered by your troop will be available at the location you selected, so no adjustments to pick-up location can be made.
  2. Arrive at your scheduled time
    Arrive at the site on time for your scheduled time slot. Please do not arrive any earlier than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot.
  3. Have Enough Vehicle Space
    Bring yourself, 1 passenger and a clean vehicle - leave children and pets at home. No need for any print outs, bubble sheets, sticky notes, etc. – we will have an order pickup ticket onsite. Remember, you will need extra space to pick-up your initial order rewards.
  4. Prepare for Rain
    Count N Go will take place rain or shine. Please prepare your transportation logistics accordingly. Your troop will be responsible to keep the cookies dry, so bring tarps and straps if using truck beds or trailers. All sites will experience delays if it rains. Please bring patience to Count N Go.
  5. Multiple Cars Arrive Together & Sort Offsite
    If your troop requires more than one vehicle to pick up the order, ALL vehicles must be present and in line at the same time. Partial pick-ups will not be allowed. Sorting of your troop’s order by girl will not be allowed on the property. All parent/girl distribution should take place offsite at another location other than your Count N Go pick-up site.
  6. Re-Count Before Leaving
    Please be sure to re-count after cookies are loaded into your vehicle. There is a NO return policy and signing the pick-up receipt confirms the troop will be responsible for cookies picked up and/or not picked up.
Learn More About Count N Go
Watch Count N Go Overview

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