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For Girls & Families

So are you excited to start your very own girl-led business? Choose to run your Treats & Keeps business all online, with the traditional paper nut/chocolate order cards or a combination of both. It’s completely up to you!



Parent Permission Form
In order for girls to participate the Parent Permission form must be signed by a parent or guardian and given to their Troop Treats & Keeps Chair.

Girl Business Card
TOP SELLER TIP: Give people your business card and ask them to visit your online store to support your business. Make sure to write in your Online QSP ID Number.

Parent Tips


Supervise your Girl Scout while she is setting up and promoting her online store and when she is selling to customers in-person. Encourage her to wear her Girl Scout uniform.


Submit all orders by the Troop Deadline. Give your Troop Treats & Keeps Chair a copy of your Girl Scout’s Nut Order Card with totals for her online “girl-delivery” requests, which she will receive payment for upon delivery.


Assist your Girl Scout with delivering product and handling money.


Encourage her to write or email thank you notes to customers.


Important Dates

September 1 – Girls begin taking orders using their Nut Order Card and Online Store

October __ – Submit ALL orders to the Treats & Keeps Chair. The Nut Order Card you submit to the troop should include all in-person orders AND online “girl-delivery” requests from your Girl Scout’s online store. Check with your Troop for your specific deadline date.

November 7-10—Chocolates and nuts delivered to service units/troops

November 7 – Begin to deliver chocolate and nut traditional orders to customers

December 31 – QSP site for online orders closes

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