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Law - Georgia State Law

Insist that everyone is in a legal seat and wears her seat belt at all times, and adhere to state laws regarding booster seats and requirements for children in rear seats.
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Georgia First Offenders Act*** applies to a particular situation. 
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If a current Girl Scout volunteer is charged with or convicted of, pled guilty to, received deferred adjudication for, or pled no contest to, certain crimes in the Grounds for Dismissal list (see below), unless GSGATL learns or is advised that the Georgia First Offenders act applies to a particular situation. 
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Under Georgia law, directors and officers of nonprofits enjoy limited protection from liability, as do an organization’s volunteers.
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Georgia law requires that actual or suspected child abuse or neglect be reported within 24 hours of the event giving rise to the reporting obligation. 
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A Registered Sex Offender (those persons subject to registration under O.C.G.A. §42-1-12, et seq,) may not serve as a troop leader, assistant leader, troop helper, chaperone or in any other troop volunteer position.
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Under Georgia State Law, Girl Scout volunteers are mandated reporters – a person required by law to report child abuse. 
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In Georgia, volunteers who work with children are mandated reporters – they are required by law to report observed or suspected child abuse or neglect. 
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“Adult” is defined by the age of majority in each state.
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