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Providing false information on the application is grounds for automatic dismissal from participation as a GSGATL volunteer, regardless of the result of the criminal background search.
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In any organization, situations may arise which make it necessary to consider releasing an individual from their volunteer assignment. 
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Violation of these policies regarding alcohol and substance abuse will result in immediate disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.
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When GSGATL in its discretion determines that it is reasonably necessary to safeguard girl members, GSGATL may notify the parents or guardians of all girl members of a troop regarding: (a) the status of a troop leader or volunteer or family member as a Registered Sex Offender; (b) the requirements of this Policy; and (c) the steps taken by GSGATL to comply with the policy (for instance, the dismissal of, or written notice as described above to, the Registered Sex Offender.)
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Profane language or derogatory remarks against any individual or group used in any of the context posted will not be tolerated and could result in automatic dismissal.
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