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Background Check

Prospective volunteers will complete a volunteer application and consent to a background check and will be placed by an authorized GSGATL representative.
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Appointment to a volunteer position with GSGATL is contingent upon completion and review of a volunteer application, criminal background check, and possibly reference checks.
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The following rules generally will apply if GSGATL learns (via criminal background check or otherwise) that a prospective or current volunteer has been convicted in the past seven years of one of the following crimes under the laws of the state of Georgia, another state in the United States, or another country.
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GSGATL reserves the right to permanently deny anyone a volunteer position if GSGATL officials believe the person is inappropriate for that position. 
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Criminal background checks include a time frame of at least seven years; therefore, it is appropriate that the volunteer must be dismissed or put in a position restricted from working with girls for a minimum of seven years from the disposition of the offense.
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